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Admiralty and Maritime Law

    • Cruise ship passengers, those individuals who are injured on a cruise (including on shore excursions and in ports of call)

    • Crewmember/Jones Act Seaman, Longshore and Harbor Workers, including those individuals internationally who have rights - maintenance and cure, failure to treat, negligence including medical

    • Boating, Yachting, Jet Skis, and Small and large Pleasure Crafts

    • Death on the High Seas Act (DOHSA) Cases

  • Injuries and Death in Resorts in the Caribbean, and Central and South America, with connections to U.S. Hotel/Resort chains

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Auto Accidents and Truck Accidents

    • Those individuals injured in a car accident (both driver and passengers), truck accident, bicycle or pedestrian accident, motorcycle, ATV, RV’s, four- wheeler, etc.

    • Drunk Drivers, including wrongful death and negligence claims; availability of punitive damage awards

    • Insurance coverage and property damage, including uninsured motorist and PIP

  • Third Party Bad Faith claims (When justified, when Insurance Companies refuse settlement)

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Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

    • Understanding Traumatic Brain Injuries, Identifying TBI, Use of Experts and Investigators, whether Mild (MTBI), Moderate or Severe.

    • Closed or open head injury, skull fracture, concussion, and related problems including post concussive syndrome, post traumatic stress disorder, psychological injuries, and cognitive damages affecting memory concentration and thinking ability

  • The need for Neuro-Psychological Intervention and Expertise in Working with these Medical Professionals

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Personal Injury

    • All Accidents, Serious Injuries, Slip and Falls, Negligent Security, Negligent Hiring, Premises Liability, Rapes, Attacks, Sexual and Other Assaults

    • Third Degree Burns, Permanent Scarring, Surgery

    • Severe Emotional Distress (when accompanied by physical injury)

    • Funeral Home Negligence and Mishandling

  • Tourist and Resort Injuries and Deaths (parasailing, jet skis, diving, drowning, assaults, rapes

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Medical Malpractice

  • Failure to Treat, Failure to Diagnose, Improper Medical Care and Follow-up, Nursing Home Negligence, Hospice, Home Health Care, Chiropractor and Homeopathic Negligence

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Toxic Torts and Pharmaceutical Cases

    • Accutane, Avandia (including Actos), Bextra, Paxil, Zoloft, Lexapro, Celexa, Prozac, Topamax, Benzene, Reglan, Fentanyl, Ephedra, Fosomax, Tobacco, Lead Paint, Asbestos

  • Class Actions

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Insurance Claims

    • Hurricane Losses, Fire Losses, Water Damage, Windstorm

  • Insurance coverage

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