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Justia Lawyer Rating for Glenn J. Holzberg

Client Testimonials

I was extremely pleased with the result of this offices' work. Their knowledge of the situation brought me to discover that I had further medical issues. They took time to explain what needed to be done at each step and what the result would be. I am extremely pleased with the outcome.

- Martha

Atty. Glenn J. Holzberg represented my wife for a personal injury claim (boat accident). It was our first and only lawsuit so we didn’t know which attorney to secure. Then one of our attorney friends recommended Mr. Holzberg which proved to be one of the best recommendations in our life!

Glenn and his staff were a lifesaver! They were very dependable, knowledgeable and assisted us throughout the entire process from beginning to end. They always made us feel as if we were the only clients. He and his staff were always quick to respond to our many phone calls and various emails!

I am very happy with the results of my wife’s case. I would definitely recommend him!

- Anonymous

Mr. Glenn Holzberg did an excellent job for my brother, Querobino, Mr. Holzberg was very active in the law suit and was determined to either go to trial or get my brother a settlement. His persistence and patience proved to be in our best interest. I would have no second thoughts in recommending Glenn in other similar litigations.

- Lavinia

Mr. Holzberg represented me in a slip and fall injury which occurred on a cruise ship. The style and placement of the deck chairs on the ship was called into question as to safety. Due to the nature of cruisings, liability was difficult to prove. Mr. Holzberg and his staff were thorough in their investigation and gathering of information, in spite of the fact that they are located in Florida and I in Michigan and all communication occurred either via email, telephone or postal mail. They kept me informed, and were pleasant and professional throughout the process. They were able to schedule depositions, independent medical exams and mediation in such a way that it required minimum travel on my part. Mr. Holzberg ultimately was able to negotiate an equitable settlement. I would definitely recommend him for maritime representation.

- Doris

Mr. Holzberg represented me in dissolution of marriage proceedings nearly 10 years ago. He and his staff were thorough and diligent with my representation. I strongly recommend Mr. Glenn Holzberg.

- Anonymous

Fantastic attorney. Highly recommended! He specialized in PI, but has knowledge and staff that work in family law as well. Came in for a consultation, and left, not only well informed, but felt that he truly took an interest in my case. It's hard to find a good att'y that you feel that you can really trust - and who you feel will really work in your best interest. Overall - a very personable and informed attorney.

- R. D.

Mr. Holzberg is a national authority on maritime law and frequently is sought for his expertise in complex litIgation.

- P. J.

When you want someone to take on the big guys, Holzberg Legal is who I had and would want in the fight. The big corporations have big and powerful legal teams fighting you all the way. You want the hard working staff and sharp legal minds and advice on your side. It is a fight that is stacked against you. Get the best.

- D. G.