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Miami Maritime Injury Lawyers

Holzberg Legal welcomes you to our website. If you have been seriously injured or have suffered the loss of a loved one due to the negligence of another, we are here to help you and your family. Glenn J. Holzberg, your Miami cruise ship accident attorney, has over 40 years of experience resolving serious personal injury and death cases on cruise ship, boats, shopping centers, stores (Walmart, Costco,Target), other premises liability/negligent security claims, workplace injuries, trucking and motorcycle accidents, airplanes, medical malpractice, mass tort cases (Fen Phen, Vioxx). We believe hard work, preparation and experience matters in your case. Anybody with a license can practice law and say they have experience. Shouldn’t your lawyer be among the best in the field? Glenn J. Holzberg has been chosen by his peers as a Super Lawyer for 8 consecutive years, and has twice been named a Florida Legal Elite lawyer in the field of Transportation and Maritime law- one of only two Plaintiff’s maritime attorneys in Florida to achieve this superlative-in 2015 and 2017.

Miami Cruise Ship Accidents

Based in Miami, Florida, the Cruise ship capital of the world, experienced Maritime lawyer, Glenn J. Holzberg, has represented people seriously injured and who die at sea, for over 40 years. When you are injured on a cruise ship, you must file your lawsuit here. Accordingly, we have represented thousands of clients from all over the world. Holzberg Legal frequently co-counsels with lawyers not familiar with maritime law, and federal court practice. We are experienced Miami cruise ship accident attorneys, and know how to best use Maritime Law and procedure to maximize the value of your case.

For over 40 years, Glenn J. Holzberg has represented many injured by the negligence of cruise lines. Put our experience to work for you Call me directly for a free initial consultation.

Maritime and Jones Act Injuries and Deaths

Holzberg Legal proudly represents crewmembers/seamen from all over the world, on cruise ships and yachts, commercial vessels and other ships at sea, in intercostal, on rivers (and in all navigable waters), on tugboats, barges, dredging boats, and oil rigs. A seaman who is seriously injured or who dies is entitled to damages under federal law. The Jones Act provides damages for “maintenance and cure,” as well as those arising from the negligence or unseaworthiness of the owner, operator vessel, or crew. “Maintenance” entitles you to your wages while you are out of work, and “cure” provides medical care and treatment, until you reach maximum medical cure. This includes housing, food, transportation to and from medical care and procedures, surgery and rehabilitation. If your loved one died due to negligence or unseaworthiness, the Death on the High Seas Act (DOHSA) entitles the seaman’s spouse or dependent children to collect compensation. Longshore and Harbor Workers are also entitled to damages for their injuries and death resulting from the negligence of others under the Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act (LHWCA). Call an experienced Miami maritime lawyer today for your free initial consultation.

Auto Accidents and Deaths

Miami, Florida is a densely populated, high-traffic area. We lack sufficient highways to serve our population of almost 4 million people, and are overused, delay your commute, cause frustration, and erratic and dangerous driving. Cell phones/texting worsens the problem. Accidents happen every day.

If seriously injured in a car crash you have the right to pursue a claim for compensatory damages. You must prove that the driver responsible for your injuries acted negligently, such as inattentive and distracted driving (somebody on a cell phone, eating or drinking and not watching the road), speeding, ignoring stop signs, rights of way, lights, or common sense, driving while impaired.

When negligence causes injuries to you or your family members let HOLZBERG LEGAL put 40 years of experience to work to recover your full damages.

Truck Accidents

The most serious accidents are caused by big commercial trucks and 18 wheelers. When did you last see a UPS or FedEx truck darting through traffic, or an 18 wheeler pushing to complete his trip, speeding, weaving, and driving aggressively? The slightest mistake could cause you serious injury or death, because of that driver’s carelessness. The reason truck accidents are so dangerous is obvious -the size, velocity and forces generated by a truck, already difficult to control-transfers these massive forces to YOU, your car and loved ones. Frequently, truck drivers violate federal law by exceeding permitted hours, drive tired, under pressure to meet deadlines, use of drugs to allow them to deliver cargo on time. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates these dangerous activities. If an employer allows the driver to violate these regulations, they are responsible to you for their negligence and of their driver. We can obtain the evidence it takes to prove these violations, and WIN your case.

You should only hire an experienced Miami truck accident attorney to handle your claim. We have over 40 years of experience representing victims of wrongful death, traumatic brain injuries, and serious spinal injuries caused by Trucks.

Premises liability – Slip and Trip and fall - Negligent Security

In Florida, a landowner owes you a duty to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition, to warn of dangers that they should know, or should reasonably discover, or when they create a dangerous condition on their property. They are responsible when they cause you harm in a slip or trip and fall, or because of inadequate security. HOLZBERG LEGAL can hold the owner responsible for your injuries and death of a loved one. Owners of shopping centers, malls, apartment complexes, gas stations, office buildings, bars and restaurants can be found responsible by an experienced slip, trip, and fall attorney.

When owners fail to provide adequate security, which results in crimes by third parties, we will hold the owner responsible for your serious injuries or death of loved ones. Often, periodic security audits can prevent and deter crime. These incidents are the most tragic we see- people attacked and raped; shot in parking lots, apartments, and shopping centers; who suffer very serious traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries or death. Business owners owe you a duty to provide adequate and reasonable security, and to investigate the foreseeability of crime on their property.

Hire an experienced Miami negligent security lawyer now.

Medical Malpractice

If you or a loved one have been a victim of malpractice by a doctor, hospital or cruise doctor, we can help you. When you put your hands in the care of a medical professional, you are vulnerable, you rely upon their expertise, often without the knowledge to make informed decisions. You trust them, and when they act negligently, the outcome is catastrophic and expensive to you and your family. You may be out of work for weeks or longer. They will continue to bill your insurance, and in the most catastrophic cases, exhaust coverage, but do nothing to get you better.

Let an experienced Miami medical malpractice lawyer obtain all the financial compensation that you deserve. Glenn J. Holzberg, an experienced Miami medical malpractice lawyer, with over 40 years of experience, has the experience needed to navigate the statutes, rules, and has knowledge of the medicine required to understand and manage your case. Past cases we have handled include emergency room mistakes, failure to diagnose cancer, other life-threatening diseases, laboratory and radiology errors, over prescription of medications, serious surgical mistakes, birth injuries, chiropractic manipulations under anesthesia causing strokes, failure to timely diagnose strokes, and cruise ship medical malpractice, failures to diagnose and treat, seek emergency or advanced transfer off the ship.

As experienced trial attorneys, we fight for your rights aggressively, obtain medical review required by Florida law to file your medical malpractice claim, and consult with experts in the field to make sure that your case will succeed in court. We prepare all of our cases as if we will go to trial, to increases your chance of settling your case before trial. As a graduate of the Trial Lawyers College, Glenn J. Holzberg looks forward to discovering your story, sharing it with the jury, and fighting for your rights in your serious medical malpractice injury or wrongful death case. Let my experience and training help you in your time of need. Call now for a free initial consultation. Personal Injury

Personal Injury law encompasses a wide variety of cases that affect individuals and families every day. Often, our opponents are the biggest insurance companies, corporations, healthcare providers and business owners- Carnival Corporation, State Farm, GEICO, etc. They hire big law firms who only represent big insurance and Fortune 500 companies. Seriously injured people need the best representation they can. The contingency fee contract is the great equalizer. These big companies pay hundreds of dollars an hour. The average person could never afford to do that. We only work for you on contingency fee agreements in our cases. Our Miami cruise ship accident lawyers collect no fee unless we get you money. Experience makes a difference in your case. Put our 40 years of experience to work for you.

No Recovery = No Fees or Costs

Your case demands experience, hard work, and results. We deliver this to every client. For every case. Every Time.

Call today to discuss your case (305-668-6410).

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I was extremely pleased with the result of this offices' work. Their knowledge of the situation brought me to discover that I had further medical issues. They took time to explain what needed to be done at each step and what the result would be. I am extremely pleased with the outcome. Martha
When you want someone to take on the big guys, Holzberg Legal is who I had and would want in the fight. The big corporations have big and powerful legal teams fighting you all the way. You want the hard working staff and sharp legal minds and advice on your side. It is a fight that is stacked against you. Get the best. David
Mr. Glenn Holzberg did an excellent job for my brother, Querobino, Mr. Holzberg was very active in the lawsuit and was determined to either go to trial or get my brother a settlement. His persistence and patience proved to be in our best interest. I would have no second thoughts in recommending Glenn in other similar litigations. Lavinia
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