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Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

Brain Injuries

Your Miami traumatic brain injury lawyer, Glenn J. Holzberg, has over 34 years of experience in representing victims of serious accidents involving traumatic brain injuries (TBI). We have successfully represented clients in State and Federal court in slip, trip and falls, automobile and trucking accidents, cruising and boating accidents, and medical malpractice cases, which resulted in significant and frequently overlooked changes with memory, concentration, focus, and cognitive changes after injuries-concussions to their head and skull. We have developed our own intake which recognizes a client who may have suffered head injuries, who struck their head and is showing initial symptoms, which can lead to mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI). We have authored articles on the difference between head injuries, with and without cognitive consequence- traumatic brain injury- and those with significant injuries; and, when and how to recognize and pursue those.

Holzberg Legal, your Miami traumatic brain injury lawyer, has successfully prosecuted hundreds of these cases, and finds traumatic brain injuries from the beginning of your case. Many lawyers, without our experience, overlook these symptoms. Our specialized intake, conducted by me, Glenn J. Holzberg, is designed to screen for potential head injury cases that often even doctors, such as orthopedics, chiropractors and primary care physicians, overlook. We recommend neurological and, ultimately, neuropsychological evaluation, where others have failed to do so.

Neurological testing explores gross motor and sensory functions and focuses on basic brain functions such as those reflected in the outcome of simple tests given in initial physical examinations. However, if you have struck your head, without a skull fracture, without scalp bleeding, or without diagnostic evidence (by MRI or CT scan) of intracranial hemorrhage, you may still have MTBI.

When you hit your head, you likely suffer a concussion. A concussion is the brain moving back and forth rapidly, striking the inside of your skull, causing microscopic damage to the surface of your brain. Most MRIs and/or CAT scans are not sensitive enough to see this, and do not recognize these microscopic changes, which can result in changes to memory, concentration, focus, executive function and quick decision-making. Neuropsychological testing can diagnose these injuries. Diagnosis often requires better, more expensive MRI and DTI (diffuse tensor imaging) machines. Your experienced Miami traumatic brain injury lawyers at HOLZBERG LEGAL know when and where to send you for these tests, which experts to hire, and who can give you a proper diagnosis.

If you struck your head, had headaches, nausea or vomiting, dizziness, blurry/double vision, white spots or floaters, confusion or disorientation soon after your head injury, you have likely suffered a concussion and are experiencing post-concussion symptoms. These often will result in a finding of mild traumatic brain injury. Do not let an inexperienced lawyer mismanage your case and ignore these diagnoses. We can help steer you through this difficult time and get you the care and legal results your case deserves.

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I was extremely pleased with the result of this offices' work. Their knowledge of the situation brought me to discover that I had further medical issues. They took time to explain what needed to be done at each step and what the result would be. I am extremely pleased with the outcome. Martha
When you want someone to take on the big guys, Holzberg Legal is who I had and would want in the fight. The big corporations have big and powerful legal teams fighting you all the way. You want the hard working staff and sharp legal minds and advice on your side. It is a fight that is stacked against you. Get the best. David
Mr. Glenn Holzberg did an excellent job for my brother, Querobino, Mr. Holzberg was very active in the lawsuit and was determined to either go to trial or get my brother a settlement. His persistence and patience proved to be in our best interest. I would have no second thoughts in recommending Glenn in other similar litigations. Lavinia