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Cruise Ships and Exposure to COVID-19

Posted by HolzbergLegal | April 10, 2020

Holzberg Legal is conducting ongoing investigations into the conduct of many Cruise Lines regarding the handling of the COVID- 19 Pandemic and the numerous outbreaks on board numerous Cruise Ships...

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Princess Cruises’ response to COVID-19 Outbreak

Posted by HolzbergLegal | April 10, 2020

The Grand Princess, one of oldest c ruise ships in Princess’s fleet, has an experienced crew of 1,100, which on a typical voyage has 3,100 passengers. It is a floating city. On February 11, 2020, the Grand Princess set sail from San Francisco for a 10-day cruise to Mexico...

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Cruise Lines Responsibilty for Covid-19 Spread to Passengers-Profits Over Health and Safety

Posted by HolzbergLegal | April 10, 2020

Holzberg Legal is conducting ongoing investigations into the conduct of many Cruise Lines regarding the handling of the COVID- 19 Pandemic and the numerous outbreaks...

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Ruby Princess Cruise Ship Under Criminal Investigation

Posted by HolzbergLegal | April 6, 2020

Princess Cruise Line’s Ruby Princess cruise ship is now being investigated for its handling of the COVID-19 outbreak during its March 2020 voyage. As of April 6, 2020, Australia...

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Royal Caribbean May Be Liable for Injuries and Deaths From Volcano Eruption

Posted by HolzbergLegal | December 9, 2019

On December 9, 2019, the White Island Volcano erupted, near Tauranga, New Zealand, killing at least sixteen people, including many others who are missing and injured...

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Traumatic Capsizing Off of Georgia's Coast

Posted by HolzbergLegal | September 8, 2019

On Sunday, September 8, 2019, the Coast Guard was called to rescue the crew of The Golden Ray cargo ship which capsized off St. Simons Sound, Georgia...

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Cruise Ship Heads Directly Into Fierce Storm

Posted by HolzbergLegal | January 10, 2018

How can another cruise line – this time NCL – sail directly into the path of a fierce winter storm that everyone...

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Hurricane Irma Denial of Insurance Claims

Posted by HolzbergLegal | September 21, 2017

Hurricane Irma affected millions of Floridians and the southeastern United States. Hurricanes and tropical storms unfortunately affect Florida with regularity...

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Medical Errors - 3rd Leading Cause of Death in US

Posted by HolzbergLegal | January 12, 2017

Did you know that medical errors with the 3rd leading cause of death the United States? You are 7 times more likely to die by medical errors in car accident, 6 times more likely...

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Euro Trip: Cruising Under the Athens Convention

Posted by HolzbergLegal | July 12, 2016

This summer’s cruise season is now in full swing. Many are taking advantage of the low euro conversion rates to cruise in and around...

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BREXIT: Cruising in Europe?

Posted by HolzbergLegal | June 28, 2016

To the average American the words Brexit and the European Union meant very little until last Thursday. Anyone who follows the stock...

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2016 SuperLawyers

Posted by HolzbergLegal | June 23, 2016

I am gratified that I had been named a Super Lawyer for the 3rd year in a row by Super Lawyers in the field of...

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UBER – Who Can I sue if I’m Injured?

Posted by HolzbergLegal | September 29, 2015

For many years suing a taxi company for for your personal injuries was a hassle. Taxi companies are historically either under-insured, had surpluse...

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NCL to Allegedly Shake up Cruise Industry With “Cost Saving”

Posted by HolzbergLegal | February 26, 2015

I read an interesting article today published by Brian Sozzi, of, a website not co-founded by Jim Cramer, that...

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Huge Victory for Medical Malpractice Claims Against Cruise Lines’ Physicians and Nurses

Posted by HolzbergLegal | November 17, 2014

This week the 11th Circuit court of Appeals issued a long overdue opinion in Patricia Franza v. Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd., overturning...

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Amazing Experience at The Trial Lawyers College

Posted by HolzbergLegal | November 14, 2014

I have had some time to reflect on my recent 3 1/2 week experience at the Trial Lawyers College on the Thunderhead Ranch...

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Prestigious Admission to The Trial Lawyers College

Posted by HolzbergLegal | July 23, 2014

I am thrilled to announce that I have been selected for admission to the 2014 Class of The prestigious Trial lawyers College, in Dubois, WY. Gerry Spence is the founder...

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Cruise Lines Playing Chess With Surveillance Videos

Posted by HolzbergLegal | June 4, 2014

Recent cases have reminded us of the importance of fighting for Video CCTV (Closed-circuit television/surveillance) tape production...

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Dancer Sues Celebrity After Horror Fall

Posted by HolzbergLegal | March 31, 2014

Holzberg Legal has been representing Manchester UK dancer Jessica Holman, who was dropped by her male dance partner...

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Still No Justice for Victims of the Costa Concordia Sinking

Posted by HolzbergLegal | February 10, 2014

News outlets are reporting that a diver has died during Costa Concordia salvage works. The 114,500-tonvessel hit rocks off the ship’s course...

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Costa Concordia Developments

Posted by HolzbergLegal | July 16, 2013

There have been many developments in the Costa Concordia cases. The Scimone and Abeid-Saba plaintiffs got a favorable procedural...

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Holzberg Legal in The Miami Herald

Posted by HolzbergLegal | January 14, 2013

This morning, Glenn was quoted in our hometown paper, The Miami Herald, discussing his continued effort to...

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Costa Concordia Grounding Deadline

Posted by HolzbergLegal | January 7, 2013

This past Sunday, January 13th, marked the anniversary of the Costa Concordia grounding in the waters off Giglio...

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Exciting Interview With Italian Maritime Injury Lawyer

Posted by HolzbergLegal | November 27, 2012

Yesterday, I had a 1 hour tele-conference with a leading Maritime and Personal Injury Lawyer from Northern Italy with reference...

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As Miami’s Cruising Industry Grows …

Posted by HolzbergLegal | November 26, 2012

Seeing the week long articles in The Miami Herald on the expansion and future of the Port of Miami made me think about business...

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Glenn J. Holzberg on NewsTalk 1010 Radio

Posted by HolzbergLegal | November 7, 2012

Last week, Glenn appeared on The largest News Radio talk show in Canada, The Jim Richards Show, on the sinking...

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Prior Incidents in the Royal Caribbean Catacombs Lounge

Posted by HolzbergLegal | February 7, 2012

I read with great interest the sad story of the passenger, Massachusetts Resident, Barbara Wood, who died falling down...

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Costa Concordia Deadlines, Questions & Answers You Need to Know?

Posted by HolzbergLegal | February 6, 2012

This has been an eventful week for us. We have been entertaining calls from many Costa Concordia victims...

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New Beverage Policy on Norwegian Cruise Ships

Posted by HolzbergLegal | February 6, 2012

Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) has announced that effective July 15, 2016, it will for the first time...

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Cruise Ship Runs Aground off Coast of Italy – 6 Dead, 69 Missing

Posted by HolzbergLegal | January 14, 2012

Only hours ago, a Costa cruise ship ran aground off the coast of Tuscany and is now sinking...

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Cruise Ships Failing to Properly Investigate Disappearances

Posted by HolzbergLegal | November 3, 2011

News of the recent disappearance of crewmember Rebecca Coriam, 24, from a Disney ship, while sailing...

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Hello, Global World!

Posted by HolzbergLegal | October 19, 2011

Hello, Global World! My name is Glenn J. Holzberg. I am a maritime and personal injury lawyer in Miami, Florida, who this week, also christens our new...

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Recognizing Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries in Auto and Slip and Fall Cases

Posted by HolzbergLegal | October 18, 2011

Always conduct your initial interview yourself. Mild traumatic brain injuries are subtle in presentation. Your client appears normal, and sounds and responds...

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I was extremely pleased with the result of this offices' work. Their knowledge of the situation brought me to discover that I had further medical issues. They took time to explain what needed to be done at each step and what the result would be. I am extremely pleased with the outcome. Martha
When you want someone to take on the big guys, Holzberg Legal is who I had and would want in the fight. The big corporations have big and powerful legal teams fighting you all the way. You want the hard working staff and sharp legal minds and advice on your side. It is a fight that is stacked against you. Get the best. David
Mr. Glenn Holzberg did an excellent job for my brother, Querobino, Mr. Holzberg was very active in the lawsuit and was determined to either go to trial or get my brother a settlement. His persistence and patience proved to be in our best interest. I would have no second thoughts in recommending Glenn in other similar litigations. Lavinia